Garford Farm Machinery

Garford Farm Machinery are specialists in the row crop equipment market, with machines developed and manufactured to make precision farming more efficient. A wide range of precision hoe’s and specialist equipment are produced for use in the vegetable and salad production part of the agricultural industry. As well as this highly specialised type of machine, they also produce more mainstream equipment such as sugar beet hoe’s and inter row cultivators. With the continued pressure to reduce herbicide use and increased consumer focus on improving environmental status in the UK and Ireland, the need for accuracy and targeted application is becoming more commonplace.

Garford Farm Machinery was established in 1986 and are based at Deeping St James, Peterborough. Garford take pride in listening to the grower and identifying their specific needs for the produce they grow. Across the world there is a move towards the reduction of chemical use in crop production, and with the need for farmers to protect their crops the only option in many cases is to remove unwanted plants mechanically rather than chemically.


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